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HEAL - Healing Elderly Access Labor!

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SMACKWAGON is super excited to be launching this non-profit organization created by founded by Gianna Flores - HEAL - Healing Elderly Access Labor! Please support this amazing organization based in San Jose, CA!

I founded a non-profit organization my junior year that helps the elderly maintain their independence by providing free labor. H.E.A.L., Helping the Elderly Access Labor, was initially born when I was doing community service at an elderly center. Maria, a well-spoken woman, stands out the most. An immediate connection was fostered through a shared love for languages. We spoke about her long and adventurous life. The warmth I received in our conversation while speaking in Spanish reminded me of my grandma’s and gave me an immediate feeling of comfort. I learned that her independence was challenged as she could not do things for herself, which led to her living in an elderly home. I quickly came to the realization that most elderly people can remain independent if offered assistance. The nursing home became more than a place to fulfill my hours. I was going to help people like Maria maintain their independence.
Gianna Flores, CEO

HEAL - Healing Elderly Access Labor!

"I have nothing but great things to say about about HEAL. They went above and beyond my expectations. I had a broken stair they repaired and switched out all all my burnt light bulbs that were to high for me to reach."

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HEAL - Healing Elderly Access Labor!


San Jose, Ca

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October 11, 2023

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