How can social media marketing strategy help restaurants grow their business?

Social media marketing strategies is an undeniable opportunity in today’s world. Brochures and delivery menus passed under the doors will no longer suffice.

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How can social media marketing strategy help restaurants grow their business?

How can social media marketing strategy help restaurants grow their business?

Have you ever wondered how to position yourself in a sector of activity that seems blocked?
Today, there is no sector of activity that is not already occupied
He may have been there longer than you.
This restaurant has more fans
This restaurant has more customers
You may even be secretly envying this successful restaurant. The least of its commercial operations and a success.
The old restaurants were lucky enough to get started at a time when capturing thousands of customers was easy, a few years ago, it was enough by word of mouth and your customers led them all alone to you.
These restaurants never needed to be creative to establish themselves.
It’s quite frustrating.
Because you’re probably making an effort to stand out, you’re probably making an effort to promote your business, you can’t get past dinosaurs.
In this article, we are going to give you several tips that will help you establish yourself in a competitive industry.
Become a living restaurant.

Monitor your presence on social networks

Social media marketing strategies is an undeniable opportunity in today’s world. Brochures and delivery menus passed under the doors will no longer suffice.

Often times, restaurants with a strong social media presence as part of their marketing plan are the most successful, and in the competitive food industry, ignoring social media is a death sentence.

Of course, you will want to create a professional Facebook and Instagram page to share special discounts, coupons, photos of your New Dishes and promote your own news.

But setting up accounts is only half the job. It is also essential that you follow the activity on your social networks.

Call on the Food Blogger

It will be a little more difficult for you to get your first reviews online when your restaurant opens.

One effective way to get them is to invite food bloggers and offer them to test the concept. Some bloggers have a large community and having an article or publication can have a very positive impact on your restaurant.

Offer them the meal and politely ask if they would be willing to write an article about your restaurant and share their experiences online. It’s very likely that some bloggers will refuse, so go big on getting the most positive feedback possible.

Become an Instagram pro

Having a strong Instagram presence is another obvious but too important marketing tips to ignore.

Use Instagram to promote the best visual content for your restaurant.

Show off your cuisine, get closer to your favorite dishes, and use this main social media scene to familiarize yourself with your brand identity.

Also be sure to place hashtags such as

#Food #foodstagram.

Share gourmet photos. The best way to promote your restaurant online is to use high-quality photos.
Visual content is in high demand online these days, and having delicious photos on your website and on various social media is essential to grab the attention of the hungry.
Call a professional to take good quality photos or try them with your smartphone.

Launch a website and keep it up to date

Starting your blog is a great way to build community and dialogue with your customers.

Blogs offer the opportunity to experience the voice and personality of your restaurant.

Share your successes and challenges, your funny stories, your recipes and anything that might interest your customers.

A blog can be a huge project but it’s not mandatory, keep your blog as simple as you want, you don’t have to publish regularly, but it’s good to have your restaurant blog set up when you have an announcement or news that you want to broadcast.

Take care of your Google my business account

Make your Google listing appear when users search for a restaurant like yours on Google Search and Google Maps.

Why is it important?

Creating your Google my business account allows you to appear in the localized results when a user searches for a restaurant near him.

It’s probably the perfect tool to help you find your potential customers.

If a user searches for your restaurant, the Google my businesses page is very visible and displays essential information.

Example of Google my business profile

For most restaurants, local is the name of the game. Most people are looking for good addresses near them and you will get the most out of your online marketing efforts by investing primarily in geo-targeted advertising. Geographically targeted ads save you money by making sure that only users in certain cities or within a specific radius see your ads (by eliminating irrelevant clicks, which can cost you a lot of money).

Many online advertising services, from Google Adwords (formerly Google AdWords) to Facebook and Twitter, offer location targeting options (at no additional cost). Make sure to take advantage of these handy targeting features to show your best ads to your best customers.

Create an offer

Offers are an effective way to bring customers.

Offer a special offer on a weekday, Monday for example if it’s a quiet day.

Take advantage of all the opportunities to build customer loyalty.

Some recommendations:

  • Prefer the amounts in $ rather than in% (ex: $-9 rather than – 20%)
  • The products offered also have success
  • Think of the coupon if you sell online to benefit from punctual offers (ex: enter the code GETIITNOW10 to benefit from a reduction of $10 on your dessert)
  • Relay information online (social networks are perfectly adapted)

Use online booking tools

Customers love it when you make their life a little easier. Offer them online booking via your website and directories, this increases the average occupancy rate in your room by 15 to 20%.

Show your staff!

In the era of robotic customer service representatives and soon autonomous cars, the human element is sorely lacking. Show your staff what they do best! Seeing happy, smiling employees does wonders for your reputation, because customers are eager to be served by happy workers.

This list is far from being exhaustive.

If you think you need help then contact SMACKWAGON for professional help.

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