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What are “Linkbacks” and WHY are they So Important?

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Google LinkBacks - SmackTalk - The thinking behind link exchanging is that Google will record links as a vote of confidence for sites.

Google LinkBacks – SmackTalk – The thinking behind link exchanging is that Google will record links as a vote of confidence for sites.

A Linkback is when someone links to your web site. This one of the best ways to increase your rankings within a search engine, and here is why…

Generally speaking people linkback to a web site, because they are trying to help others by directing them to useful information, a tool, or product. Web sites that have useful information, and people enjoy tend to have a lot of linkbacks. Google knows this, and places a lot of emphasis and priority on how many other web sites are linking back to yours. It is an accurate method of gauging how popular YOUR web site is, of what quality your content is, and what type of people are viewing your pages allowing them to better index your site. Remember Google bots find your page by crawling through links from someone elses page. Once the bot finds a link on your page, it will than follow that link to the external page (called spidering) as well ans so on and so on.

So linkbacks are great important!

How do I get people to link to my site? There are some things we can do to make this happen. There are also some things we can do to make it happen naturally on its own. The ideal situation is for people to be linking back to your page because they want to show someone else something. If you can accomplish this feat than your web site is experiencing exponential growth. Easier said than done, lets first look at some of the beginning strategies.

Strategy 1: Link exchange. Contact people who own and operate web sites of similar traffic base to yours. Than ask them to do a link exchange. Link exchange is when you place their link on your page, and they place your link on their page. Typically, you will not be able to get a link exchange from a website that is getting more traffic than you. This is because they are helping you more than you are helping them. This is why it is wise when attempting to contact web site owners, to go for web sites that are getting similar amounts of traffic, or less. This way you have a higher chance of them saying yes to your link exchange request, and you’re not wasting your time. What if you’re not getting any traffic? Start linking with other sites that are just starting out as well .
CNN article on link exchange

Strategy 2: Create content that people will want to link to. Easier said than done, this is one of the best ways to getting people to link to your web site as well as getting your links high within Google searches, since Google puts a lot of emphasis on high quality original content, such as these paragraphs.

Strategy 3: Create something different other than writing to draw people in. For example if you can come up with a tool that helps people come up with synonyms for key words that people can use for their websites a lot of people will link to your website to help their friends. By creating a tool that people like to use, they are getting a lot of link backs naturally. You could also create a cool game, or new video, anything new.

Strategy 4: Give something away for free. Again, easier said than done, because you have to construct some type of product or service that people will want. Give it away for free at first, people will link to you faster than normal, making your growth temporarily exponential.

Strategy 5: Affiliate marketing program. This is better for larger more established websites but none the less, might as well get you acclimated with it here. One of the benefits to an AMP is that person’s place your ad and link on their page, in the hopes of getting a sale through the link. Even if someone doesn’t buy something you still got additional traffic and linkbacks.

Strategy 6: Create a forum. A forum will be necessary to create valuable fresh, and rich content. Lots of users will also create link backs when they want to show their friends an article.
Forums also create good user input and interaction.

Strategy 7: Index images with Google images. When users find your images, they also fallow the link, increased traffic.

All of these are a lot of work, but will eventually lead to more linkbacks, which will increase your “Natural Google” rankings, and traffic. – For Help call us Today! 916.412.1484.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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